Dear students,

Welcome to AIHM, Guwahati. Shape your future with your decision today. The world is for you to mould. At the Assam Institute of Hotel Management (AIHM), Guwahati, we are committed to tap your talents, explore your potential and help you realize your dreams. AIHM Guwahati will open for you the floodgates of opportunities especially in the Tourism and the Hospitality sectors.

With the ‘Look East’ Policy in place, the Gateway to the North East – Guwahati – has become a focal point. Lots of incentives are being offered to entrepreneurs in both the segments. The need is for trained and market-savvy personnel who can deliver the goods.

Communication is a key area for success. It builds the bridge between the clients and the hosts. AIHM Guwahati aims at streamlining the finer aspects of the young aspirants.

Moreover, AIHM Guwahati is prepared to further consolidate its reputation among its valued sponsors who have been recruiting our trainees. We are determined to provide you the global enervating exposure as well.

All in all, I assure you the best in the sector. Together we can definitely make the difference. Like the kite learn to fly against the wind. Aim for what is beyond the sky particularly because today the sky is not the limit.

Pledging for your success,

Sujit Kumar,
Chairman & CEO,
AIHM, Guwahati